Double Helix - UVX


Album release date: 1994

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Double Helix - U.V.X
  When this was released a lot of people thought it was a secret alter-ego of Swordfish. They were wrong - it was actually the work of an innovative duo from Brighton. I'd been given a demo of their incredible track "Elevator" by the manager John Burfitt. It was so good I had to release it and so we did. The limited edition coloured vinyl 12" sold out quickly and has since become a collector's item. The album features part of the "Elevator" epic alongside other good tracks including the "Shape Of Life" - mix by Spiralhead.  
  UVX were ahead of their time and this album still sounds like an innovative aural adventure.  

Tracklisting :

1 Elevator (13th Floor) (16:14)
2 Ambience (4:25)
3 My Alman (14:43)
4 Mandrax (3:50)
5 Millenium (8:40)
6 Space Explorer (7:56)
7 Shape Of Life (Spiralhead Remix) (7:34)