ESP - Children Of Dub


Album release date: 1997

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CD album
E.S.P. - Children of Dub
  Children Of Dub were very prolific at the time and soon followed the 'Chameleon' album with this collection. Some great tracks on here, particular one of our faves, the title track 'ESP'. Another great track is the dub epic 'Greed' which features some great vocals from David Riley. The album also features some wonderful chill out on tracks such as 'Bliss'.  

Tracklisting :

1 Fallen Angel (Trance Mix) (6:40) Fallen Angel (Trance Mix) - E.S.P.
2 Rhythm Of Life (6:59) Rhythm of Life - E.S.P.
3 ESP (6:48) E.S.P. - E.S.P.
4 Izoka (5:40) Izoka - E.S.P.
5 Greed (5:41) Greed - E.S.P.
6 Herb (Raw Ganja Mix) (3:51) Herb (Raw Ganja Mix) - E.S.P.
7 The Golden Hare (5:22) The Golden Hare - E.S.P.
8 Strange News From Another Star (5:45) Strange News from Another Star - E.S.P.
9 Bliss (8:07) Bliss - E.S.P.
10 Theme For The Cities (6:37) Theme for the Cities - E.S.P.