Re-Hash - Magic Mushroom Band

Release Date: 1992

Vinyl Album - £10.00 :  
CD Album - £10.00 :  
Cassette Album - £8.00 :  

The Magic Mushroom Band had built up a healthy following before joining Magick Eye and, with Re-Hash producer Swordfish, was experimenting with a psychedelic rock/electro crossover. The album includes a couple of covers - Tomorrow's "My White Bicycle" and an incredible version of Jimi Hendrix's "Are You Experienced", the latter featuring Kim Oz's trademark sensual vocals. The album also features excellent re-workings of some earlier Magic Mushroom Band classics including Magick Eye (I love that guitar!) and Turban Paranoia (I love that guitar too!)

An unusual but very worthy Magic Mushroom Band album.